Upon My Waking Eyes

The Road So far...

So far, two sisters, Jess and Aurora have found their sister missing. In their search for her they encounter a supernatural world.

-They save Jarron from remaining a severed head and use beefs blood to grow his full body back.

-They encounter Tyler, a sort of vampire ghost hunter who intends to hire them to investigate paranormal occurrences.

-They’ve met with and spoken to Victor Blaine, a werewolf Shaman.

-They’ve only seen their sister once and she was sacrificing people to a dark god of some sort. They ran but they know whatever is controlling her has people out looking for them.

-They’ve discovered their father secretly had the bar under protection by the Armenian Mob

-Aurora has discovered magic from an insane man in an Asylum Tyler sent them to.

When we last left, the girls were on their way to Idaho to check on a haunted house.


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